Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh heyyy!

So I've been in KPL for 3 years already. Every year there are sisters leaving and new sisters crossing. I never actually got to really meet with anyone, but last Friday I got to bond with two of the coolests ladies who I never got a chance to get close to and talk to.

We went to BeeHive to have a couple drinks, eat a little, and listen to live music. But we talked a lot and I enjoyed listening to different perspectives of things.

It was a fun chill night. And I didn't have to dress up and pregame or anything for it.

Meaningful friends expansion!

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SK said...

beehive has great drinks! i miss strolling around the south end :) isn't it great to get to know people better? it's like... better than finding a dollar in an old coat pocket. hehe