Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lame Entry

I know I said the next posts would be good, but I haven't had pictures because I haven't been having a good trip here in Grenoble. This is not the right city for me. I have so much school work, 7 hours of classes a day, a bad room mate who sucks at being responsible, a group that isn't good at working together and is bad at communicating, and the teacher doesn't really like me because I came late to class since my room mate who I relied on to wake me up decided to turn off her alarm and go back to sleep. I somehow woke up at 8:30am, and ask strangers for directions to the school since she led me off course and made us lost.


I'm Homesick. =/

I planned an awesome traveling route for after the trip that involves beaches, but I don't even want to do it anymore because I'd be going alone. I wish I had baller friends or a fun-loving boyfriend who would travel with me even if they think it/I'm not worth it.

These people from Illinois are so high school.

Damn, how do I not be homesick?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Fun times doing bad things. But that's why it's so fun. I think one of the best part about going away is that people make more of an effort to make your last days memorable.

I turned 21.
I went to my first club/bar in Boston illegally AND legally (I worked on my birthday at Whiskey Park).
I bought my first alcohol (and drank it in the car with two underaged people).
Got caked for the first time (the 1st one was pathetic, 2nd one was a little bit more extreme).
Went on an adventure at midnight.
And spent so much money preparing to leave that I probably do not have much more to spend in France.

I'm very nervous.
My original flight got cancelled and now I'm traveling there alone. I have to find my way to Grenoble, then to the place I'm staying at, and I'll be late for the welcoming buffet.
I know no French. Don't understand how their websites work. Have never been on my own (laundry! yikes! cooking!)
Never had my own room..

Here's where I'm staying at: http://www.residhome.com/uk/hotel-residence-aparthotel-grenoble-194.html

Sigh. Scared.
But excited.

Only problem is, my family is going through some big, unfortunate changes and I'm leaving them right when it's happening..
I hope they can get by without me.