Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Am I Nervous?

Tonight is e-board elections for KPL @ Northeastern. I'm running for V.P.

And I just spent 3 hours writing my speech..
Okay that's a lie. I spent probably 5 minutes preparing it (listing points) and another 15 minutes drawing/making it pretty.

(pictures from my dailybooth)

The rest of the time I'm ADDing on facebook and twitter and stalking the band Seriously. I'm a crazy fan girl now.

Well, I'm nervous about my 'speech'. I never write speeches. I usually just wing it and hope I get the position. But this time, I think I really really want VP and I'm unsure whether I'll win it or not.

Hopefully sisters vote for the person they think is most suitable for the position and not based on popularity, whether it is me or not.

I did not win, but that's okay.
Congrats Miki!

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