Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am a Walking Billboard for American Apparel

At work, a customer came up to me and asked me where I got my pants because they were so cute. I got them from the store I am working at. So I showed her and we made a sale. This happens outside of work too. I usually end up wearing at least one American Apparel piece. And then I might get comments which lead to me telling them I got it from American Apparel. The wonders of marketing. I feel so used. But I don't mind.

Yesterday I spent my $180 winter allowance. I spent $179. All tops, and a pair of socks.

Thermochromatic [changing color] shirt is for Jacqueline.

And today I got sucked into buying $112 worth of stuff because of the sales:

Slub Fleece-lined Parka $86.00 --> $30.10

Swim wear $53 --> $21 [Spring Break? Jamaica?]
Fleece Tulip Skirt $32 --> $11.20
Micro-fiber Tulip Skirt $28 --> $7
Pencil Skirt $34 --> $6.40
Double Breasted Cardigan $41 --> $10.25 [For Linh]
Tube Dress $28 -->$9.10 [For Jane]
Body Suit $36 --> $9.00
Shift Dress $33 --> $8.25

I feel kind of satisfied. But poor too.

Must remember that
1. I am going to NYC
2. Spring semester books! Eeek!
3. Spring break?
4. Study abroad

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Lisa said...

yahh im one of those ppl who ask you too hehe
i like the micro-fiber tulip skirt and the double breasted cardigan. awesome sales & buys!