Friday, October 23, 2009


Mariah Carey. I've been listening to her album, and her voice is AMAZING. But I have 2 problems with her:

[1] She's getting old, so please, please stop acting young and sexy. She does have curves and is still pretty but stop super-flaunting them. Your voice is beautiful enough. No need to slut around and attract all the attention to your body. See Beyonce, she's a strong woman with a wonderful voice, and yes she flaunts her body, but not in such a trampy way. There's a reason why people see her as a ditz. And Nick Cannon?

[2] Know what she should do about those large mounds on her chest? Introduce them. They are so scared of each other. It's like to negatives, the force just pushes them away.

But the songs are relaxing. She does have a soothing, angelic voice and I am wowed at her ability to reach those mega-high pitches and still be able to make a melody in tune. When I try, I feel like hell is escaping from me.

My favorite is the remake of "I Want to Know What Love Is"


Lina said...

agreed, her voice sounds so nice. even on the cover she looks gross though because he shirt is like see-through and she's definitely 30 something haha.

Carebear said...

I think her voice is a bit coarse