Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I don't know if it has to do with my paleness or my sickliness, but I am so cold. It's supposedly 60 degrees today but I am freezing still. I wonder how I was able to survive the winters in the past..
But here's the juice of this blog:

SHOPPONG! Yes, pong. I dost not knoweth why. But here is my winter shopping list [Not Christmas, I doubt I'll be able to afford your presents]
I smell a trip to NY coming soon. Uniqlo does not ship to the US, but I really need to get myself some of their heat tech gear because I've done some research [reading other's blogs] and supposedly it works! And it's cheap! And I really like Uniqlo.

1. UNIQLO Heat Tech + Others
I have $140 allowance to spend at American Apparel. I, honestly, am sick of their clothes, well, it's more of an on/off love/hate relationship right now, because yes, I like their hoodies and all their clothes, almost, but I'm required to dress myself head to toe in AA clothing, and it requires me to be fashionable and creative. I only have so much creative juice in me. But I try on clothes at work [shh] and some of it is really warm.
2. American Apparel winter gear
Don't know if I should get it cause I'm not allowed to wear it when I'm working.. hmm
Unisex Nantucket Fleece Zip Hoody $52.00. It's warm!
They also have winter leggings and thermal stuff, which I should and should not get. I should not because I'm almost sure that Uniqlo stuff is better. But I should because I'm not allowed to wear Uniqlo in the store, American Apparel only. It is free though so I shall.
3. More Scarves
I recently found and bought a deep blue scarf from H&M, it was $10! It was warm, but also really light, and big so I could wrap it around my shoulders and head and neck lalala. But Jacqueline wakes up earlier than me for school, and she steals it. And she also steals the Northface jacket that my big, Yvonne gave me. Grr.
4. I shall splurge on a super warm winter coat.
I hope it will be light, because I hate the stiff heavy coats that prevent me from moving around gracefully, because according to my bf, I am graceful. Pshaw!! hahahaha. And I don't want to wear black.
5. Handy dandy winter accessories
Winter socks
More warm hats
I know scarves were already mentioned, but heck, Scarves
Tights, I think I will forever be buying tights because mine keep ripping
Ear muffs? Hats are better
HEAD PHONES! Big pink ones! I want to be gangster again!
Boots, shoes.. oo, slippers.
My list sucks. I'm too poor. But I will get them.


Carebear said...

i want your AA discount piss. spanx!

Lisa said...

new york trip coools

Casey O'Neill said...

i wannntttt that sweatshirt please. xie xie.