Friday, September 4, 2009


I ate at Shabu Zen. Then I watched a movie with my youngest sister, Jacqueline and her friends (all 16) because they couldn't get into a rated R movie, The Final Destination 3D.

I still really like this movie. Jacqueline and friends do not feel the same, but I love it. This time, I got to pay attention more to the small details, like how she always wears blue, and no one else does except for the wonderful dance scene. And how all the songs come on at the right time, and the artsy scenes.


What a lovely movie.


Lisa said...

wait.. isn't that a horror movie?

Duong Pham said...

What movie is this?

Jennifer Feisty Hood Lum said...

500 Days of Summer. Absolutely not a horror movie, unless its horribly addicting because I can never get enough