Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love To Read?

Yes. I do. Well, not love, but I enjoy the time I spend reading. I get to enter a different world, and see things through the eyes of other people, whether they are fictional or not. Right now, I am a lady who stole an art painting, then ran away and lost her memory. She can't even remember her name. It's so strange reading her thoughts as she tries to remember everything and anything. So frustrating and confusing, but very interesting.

I must suck to have your memory wiped clean, then having to solve this huge mystery of your life.
So far, it's a good book. And I can't wait to finish it on my way to Chicago tonight. And then start on my next book. (I have two, one is about Marketing, the other is about Fashion Marketing and the end of it). Exciting texts!

And here's the overrated Megan 'Sexyface' Fox, with her sexyface on again. She's wearing my American Apparel bodysuit on the cover of RollingStones.
She's so disturbing and now I don't want to own that bodysuit.
It's so difficult dressing head to toe in American Apparel. [I cheated yesterday. I only wore a skirt as a shirt and everything else was non-AA. hehe...they didn't notice]