Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I remember high school's unbearable 6 hours of 40-minutes classes and 25-minutes lunch. Teachers knew your name and made sure you were doing well, questioning why, if you weren't. I wouldn't mind going back to that..
Growing up changes everything.
College. You have to take care of yourself. Classes are super long, and boring if you have my brain and lack of attention/interest during long talks. The professor won't know you, unless you go and make yourself known, which I don't care for, but should.
And work. I realized that I'm working for more than half a day. 12-13 hours. There's my 8:30am-4:30pm co-op, followed by part-times.
I enjoy classes and going to work to make money, but in general, I don't really like growing up.

And Boston keeps on teasing me with its weather. Be warm, sunny and dry, please! I'm shriveling up from the cold wetness. And I'm pale as paper. I know, I've been saying that pale is in, but I just look like a sick child. I've been drinking more water though.

I also want to see
The September Issue


Look at this cast. Good-looking.


Lisa said...

i can't tell if they're good looking. and yea it's been cold. i don't have jacket on campus.

Jennifer Feisty Hood Lum said...

they dress well..