Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've become too dependent on my boyfriend and I don't like it because we're in a long distance relationship. When he leaves, it's like I have nothing left. I love Boston, and my friends. But I feel like it all leaves with him.

I think my least favorite part of a long distance relationship is the distance. But after that, it's the whole priorities thing. When he's here, because he's only here temporarily, I spend all my free time with him, if he's free too. That leaves none for my friends/sorority. Now when he's gone, only then do I start reaching out to the others again and it's like they're back-ups. They think I only hang out with them when he's not there so they make me last on their lists in return.

Nobody wants to go surfing with me, or to the upcoming concerts I want to see. They don't share the same interests as me.

EMO. [pms?]


Miss W. Yvonne said...

you need to take a pill or something lol. lil, stop being emo and make new friends! ;)

Lisa said...

heyheyhey!! stop it! haha i dunno the ppl u wanna see in concert. and i told you why i didn't wanna go surfing haha. APPLE PICKING :)