Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


Tomorrow, at 5:18pm [2 minutes after 5:16 which is my birthday 5/16], the Sun will be right above the equator for us, and we will no longer get that summer heating. Goodbye Summer. I will miss your warmth greatly.

But I have plans!
1. apple picking
2. surfing
3. go look at foliage
4. halloween

Now if only I can stop working to go do that stuff.

Ladies Room Rush Hour

That moment before 5:00pm everyone is leaping at the bathroom key as soon as it returns to it's hanging spot. I guess everyone wants to look nice before they leave the workplace. Either that or they already stopped working 15 minutes ahead and have put everything away, now they just need to kill some time before leaving.

I'm guilty of it all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh Shijia

Shijia is one of my sorority sisters. She is a cutie from Taiwan. Here's her shoe.

Ain't it adorable?

And here are pictures from her 22nd birthday celebration. She wanted everyone to wear black so that she can be special in white/blue:

She is the owner of my baby bunny, coming soon.


So Lindt had a sale for their 80 pieces box of chocolate, originall $40, but on sale for $20. My brother bought one, then Jane went and bought one too. We devoured the first box in 2 days, and slowed down on the 2nd one. There are still about 8 pieces left.

They fell out of their places so my mom took chopsticks and put them back where they belong. Cute huh? The Creme brule one is my favorite.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love To Read?

Yes. I do. Well, not love, but I enjoy the time I spend reading. I get to enter a different world, and see things through the eyes of other people, whether they are fictional or not. Right now, I am a lady who stole an art painting, then ran away and lost her memory. She can't even remember her name. It's so strange reading her thoughts as she tries to remember everything and anything. So frustrating and confusing, but very interesting.

I must suck to have your memory wiped clean, then having to solve this huge mystery of your life.
So far, it's a good book. And I can't wait to finish it on my way to Chicago tonight. And then start on my next book. (I have two, one is about Marketing, the other is about Fashion Marketing and the end of it). Exciting texts!

And here's the overrated Megan 'Sexyface' Fox, with her sexyface on again. She's wearing my American Apparel bodysuit on the cover of RollingStones.
She's so disturbing and now I don't want to own that bodysuit.
It's so difficult dressing head to toe in American Apparel. [I cheated yesterday. I only wore a skirt as a shirt and everything else was non-AA. hehe...they didn't notice]

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harley Quinn

I'd only dress up as her, if Becca was Poison Ivy [and Sandra was Cat woman] so I doubt it, but this costume is sick.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I remember high school's unbearable 6 hours of 40-minutes classes and 25-minutes lunch. Teachers knew your name and made sure you were doing well, questioning why, if you weren't. I wouldn't mind going back to that..
Growing up changes everything.
College. You have to take care of yourself. Classes are super long, and boring if you have my brain and lack of attention/interest during long talks. The professor won't know you, unless you go and make yourself known, which I don't care for, but should.
And work. I realized that I'm working for more than half a day. 12-13 hours. There's my 8:30am-4:30pm co-op, followed by part-times.
I enjoy classes and going to work to make money, but in general, I don't really like growing up.

And Boston keeps on teasing me with its weather. Be warm, sunny and dry, please! I'm shriveling up from the cold wetness. And I'm pale as paper. I know, I've been saying that pale is in, but I just look like a sick child. I've been drinking more water though.

I also want to see
The September Issue


Look at this cast. Good-looking.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


According to Daily Mail Reporter, "Men tell twice as many lies as women"

Top ten lies men tell:

1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
2. This will be my last pint
3. No, your bum doesn't look big in that
4. I had no signal
5. My battery died
6. Sorry, I missed your call
7. I didn't have that much to drink
8. I'm on my way
9. It wasn't that expensive
10. I'm stuck in traffic

Top ten lies women tell:

1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
2. Oh, this isn't new, I've had it ages
3. It wasn't that expensive
4. It was in the sale
5. I'm on my way
6. I don't know where it is, I haven't touched it
7. I didn't have that much to drink
8. I've got a headache
9. No, I didn't throw it away
10. Sorry, I missed your call

It's pretty true. I'm guilty.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Olsen Twins

A short video giving you a sneak preview of Mary Kate and Ashley's Holiday collection. It's all black and white clothing.

I wish I could pull off those outfits.

How About Some Color

Color brightens up my mood. It'd be nice to wake up to these fun bed covers/pillows.

And an update on my life:

I was going to fill out my availability for my job at Hub Express next week, but when I started to, I realized that I am not free next week. Yea.. I don't know how my schedule will work out with 3 jobs when I can only work 6 days a week. I just might have to quit one.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I ate at Shabu Zen. Then I watched a movie with my youngest sister, Jacqueline and her friends (all 16) because they couldn't get into a rated R movie, The Final Destination 3D.

I still really like this movie. Jacqueline and friends do not feel the same, but I love it. This time, I got to pay attention more to the small details, like how she always wears blue, and no one else does except for the wonderful dance scene. And how all the songs come on at the right time, and the artsy scenes.


What a lovely movie.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Oh blogspot and xanga! How you take away so many hours of my life.
You're my online diary. But I must leave you because I have other, more important things to do..
The only time I have for you is at job #1 when I do not have work to do... . .. . . . ..Hmm..
I guess I do have time for you.
Sorry! Pointless blog.

And look at the paleness! I feel better about my skin now. Pale is in? YES! HELLS yes!


Run for the Roses

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've become too dependent on my boyfriend and I don't like it because we're in a long distance relationship. When he leaves, it's like I have nothing left. I love Boston, and my friends. But I feel like it all leaves with him.

I think my least favorite part of a long distance relationship is the distance. But after that, it's the whole priorities thing. When he's here, because he's only here temporarily, I spend all my free time with him, if he's free too. That leaves none for my friends/sorority. Now when he's gone, only then do I start reaching out to the others again and it's like they're back-ups. They think I only hang out with them when he's not there so they make me last on their lists in return.

Nobody wants to go surfing with me, or to the upcoming concerts I want to see. They don't share the same interests as me.

EMO. [pms?]


The meaning behind their clothing line is "Love is Real". A bit cheesy, but I like it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In 8 Days..

it will be 09.09.09. =)

Something to look forward to.. since I won't get to see my boylove for his birthday.