Friday, August 14, 2009

Tiring Friday, but at least it's a Friday

I'm not feeling well. Everything inside me wants to escape, either from my mouth, my other end, my nose and eyes. Ugh. It's wicked hot outside and wicked cold inside. My tummy and head feels funny and I'm extremely tired. I have many many flyers to pass out.. don't think I can do it, and my event is not going to be successful.

But it's Friday. Finally. Time to relax.
These are pretty calming, huh?

I've been looking forward to this weekend: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. I'm excited, but a bit ehh because I'm not feeling well. Last year I spent the first day throwing up, and the second day nearly passing out from lack of energy. Please don't let it be the same this year.

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Lisa said...

your fundraiser event turned out really good! and you did well over the tourney wknd.. except you still threw up the day before... heh