Friday, August 21, 2009

Recap of the New York trip

So 2 weekends ago I went to NY. The last time I went there was in April with Lisa, Alex and Sandra. It was cool, I just basically followed them around, but I liked it. But this time it was for the sorority, and because Simon has never been there before.

Part 1: KPL Sorority
The meeting was straight-up boring. I did not like it, it was really hot and long, and I was tired. I really don't think it should be that long. Everything they updated us about is going to be e-mailed anyway. But it was good seeing my sisters again.

Part II: Greek Family - Biggie's Bday
We got a visit from my biggie and our bigbigbigbiggie. Yay! And it was also biggie's birthday dinner after. Food was delicious, everyone was gorgeous, and the velvet cake was so so good. I also got a cool birthday present: a key holder waller thing. It's now another thing that I carry around everywhere.

Part III: Simon the Tourist
Simon's first time in NYC and he was one of those stereotypical tourist.

We stayed at the Grace Hotels, it was really nice. It had a pool inside and a sauna and steam room, only problem I had with those are that they are in a room with windows so everyone can see. There was complimentary breakfast too. It lasted til noon so it was also our lunch.

We got our rooms and was excited about how good it looked and went crazy with a photoshoot which I am letting you see. Hopefully it's not too awkward.

Times Square

The M&M store was his favorite. Colorful.

He got the Patrick shirt. So pretty and pink.

We got beef jerky. We got the last 1/2 pound left for $10. Totally worth it. I'd like to return to NY with him again, this time with money though.

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Lisa said...

hehe pic of cool birthday present?
lol and holly your little girl cousin, did u get her the spongebob shirt?
1/2 for $10?! noo they sell it for $17/18 a pound!
but beef jerky yummss. thu's gonna give me some her mom's bringing bak from cali, i save u some