Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Whoa, it's past 11:30pm --> bedtime! But I want to share my polaroid photos. Here's the store first:

DOVE, Inc., the non-profit domestic violence agency I work for [and barely get paid for] put me in charge of auctioning off a polaroid camera on ebay. I listed it, but figured that in the mean time, I'd use it. So I bought film, and the cheapest I could find was on ebay too, so I bid for it and won. Unfortunately, when I tried using it, the film was expired and not stored well so the pictures suck! Except for a couple, which are not bad, in my opinion, but not good either.

I want to buy more film and take more pictures. I smell a new addiction.

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Lisa said...

what? they sold u expired polaroid film? that sucks. did someone buy the polaroid camera yet?