Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping 2009

Every summer, the 'Sausage Fest' group, (my group of friends who happen to be a bunch of silly boy kids but I absolutely adore adore them), goes camping. Well, they've gone 3 years ago by themselves and decided to invite girls last year and this year, which I'm very glad they did.

It's a big event for me. It's summer. You HAVE to camp. You get to get in touch with the wilderness. You get to be dirty, make and eat food with no kitchen or dining table, sleep outside (in a tent) and sit together with everyone else around a campfire.

This year we went hiking, got to shoot a gun, swam, and fished. It was definitely more fun than last year, but last year was good too.

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Lisa said...

omg. i have a gazillion entries to read. nice nice. now i have something to do at work tmr afternoon.
yay camping