Monday, August 31, 2009


After going shopping in NH today, and only buying 2 things (campared to the $400 worth of clothes last year), I went online to Forever 21, the store where I actually bought my items, and saw a bunch of things that were not in NH. Oh booger. It was a fail store.

Forever 21 - cheap clothes, variety of styles

Wear to work:

Casual-looking, but professional enough for me to wear at my job.

Wear to chill:

I like giraffes. And Dinosaurs and cupcakes. And I like typewriters.

Book Review / Current Obsession

I just finished reading a book that I bought in China:

On A Wave by Thad Ziolkowski (don't know how to say that)
It's about surfing, obviously, and I bought it in Hong Kong after I went surfing for my first time.

It's a memoir about the author who spent his childhood surfing after moving to Florida with his mom, younger brother, and stepfather who he didn't like. He adpts the surfer stereotype - the way of speaking, the clothing, sex, and even the drugs (smoking pot at age 10 but outgrowing it by age 15).

It's moving.

Honestly, I don't know who I would recommend it to, but I liked it.

Anyway, inspired by this book, as well as my reminiscing my surfing experience in China, I looked up places in New England to surf and succeeded!

I will be going to the Cape this Sunday (hopefully) with friends (hopefully) and my youngest sister, Jacqueline (hopefully), to take another surfing lesson and just enjoy the water. YAY! Super excited.

Speaking of water, I am working on my health.

Project Water. I have blue post-its [from work] and I will post them in places that I definitely will see and it will say "Drink [more] Water!" as a reminder to myself to stay hydrated because my passing out habit is unexceptable.
I have one on my computer monitor here at work and so far, it's working. I have to go pee now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Black Dress

D&G Dolce and Gabana's Stretch Satin Contrast Dress
On sale at for $198.00

Just kidding! I sewed my dress myself.
It's probably not as good in quality, but I like mine better.

Modern Amusement

I want these fun and cute clothing from their spring collection, on sale now.
I can wear it to and after work. Except, maybe not the black jacket to work..

Too Bad I'm Not In Classes

Because theres a cute/cool notebook that I'd like.

Mateo Ilasco
Refillable notebook (50 pages) held together by a rubberband
Originally $13.00, on sale now for $7.80

Tony's Deepness

"Money is a nearly infinite resource - you can always make more of it and become billionaires or whatever, but time is scarce, and its the one resource you can never make back. The point of making money is to maximize the experience of life, but if you spend too much time trying to make it, you lose the opportunity to enjoy life along the way. Each person has a different capacity for work and leisure, and the trick is to find out how much you're willing to sacrifice one for the other."

-- Tony Ye, 20, 08/29/09 on g-mail

Blogspot Vs. Xanga

I guess xanga will be about me (life, friends, etc)
and Blogspot will be about my interests (art, photography, fashion)

of course I will get these two mixed up.


Zan watch - orginally $250, now $95 - I like the simpleness

Of course I'd want pink. $40

The AO (Asset Organizer) ... wallet. $35 - It's rubbery, I might get one for Jane and Jacqueline.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Whoa, it's past 11:30pm --> bedtime! But I want to share my polaroid photos. Here's the store first:

DOVE, Inc., the non-profit domestic violence agency I work for [and barely get paid for] put me in charge of auctioning off a polaroid camera on ebay. I listed it, but figured that in the mean time, I'd use it. So I bought film, and the cheapest I could find was on ebay too, so I bid for it and won. Unfortunately, when I tried using it, the film was expired and not stored well so the pictures suck! Except for a couple, which are not bad, in my opinion, but not good either.

I want to buy more film and take more pictures. I smell a new addiction.

Twisted Princesses

Jeffrey Thomas *Jeftoon01 recreates some of the Disney Princesses, or female characters, into evil ones. It's really interesting and fun to look at.

I wonder what he uses or how he comes up with this stuff. I wish I was that talented.
Twisted Princesses found via Neatorama

Fun Little Things

Aren't they cute? Pleasant to my eyes.
Hobo International

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Re-Auntie Jen

I'm an aunt again! Say hello to the very animated baby girl, Vera:

She's 1 month old, and is the daughter of my cousin.
Welcome to the family, cutie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bye Boyfriend

Simon left on Friday. On the way to the airport, we stopped by Wollaston Beach.

He gave me that limp heart. Cheese and Mr. Cooch has competition now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recap of the New York trip

So 2 weekends ago I went to NY. The last time I went there was in April with Lisa, Alex and Sandra. It was cool, I just basically followed them around, but I liked it. But this time it was for the sorority, and because Simon has never been there before.

Part 1: KPL Sorority
The meeting was straight-up boring. I did not like it, it was really hot and long, and I was tired. I really don't think it should be that long. Everything they updated us about is going to be e-mailed anyway. But it was good seeing my sisters again.

Part II: Greek Family - Biggie's Bday
We got a visit from my biggie and our bigbigbigbiggie. Yay! And it was also biggie's birthday dinner after. Food was delicious, everyone was gorgeous, and the velvet cake was so so good. I also got a cool birthday present: a key holder waller thing. It's now another thing that I carry around everywhere.

Part III: Simon the Tourist
Simon's first time in NYC and he was one of those stereotypical tourist.

We stayed at the Grace Hotels, it was really nice. It had a pool inside and a sauna and steam room, only problem I had with those are that they are in a room with windows so everyone can see. There was complimentary breakfast too. It lasted til noon so it was also our lunch.

We got our rooms and was excited about how good it looked and went crazy with a photoshoot which I am letting you see. Hopefully it's not too awkward.

Times Square

The M&M store was his favorite. Colorful.

He got the Patrick shirt. So pretty and pink.

We got beef jerky. We got the last 1/2 pound left for $10. Totally worth it. I'd like to return to NY with him again, this time with money though.