Friday, July 24, 2009

Shanghai - the end

Day 30 (Sat) – Shang Hi!

Before we left Nanjing, we had to take a picture with our friend.

Temple stuff. It was touristy.
We went on a small cruise/boatride. The boat was full of people so we didn't get a good seat outdoors. We had beers. Felt weird drinking in front of teacher.

On the boat

We went out afterwards. It was free time. I got to meet Albert, Mika, Julian at some food place. Then we skipped around to clubs: Muse 2, Muse 2, Sky, food followed by a chilling out at Julian’s apartment [where they smoked weird stuff and talked and blah blah. i did not.] We got home around 4 or 5am and slept.

Lady Gaga at the club. [she was an impersonator, but she was pretty good]

Day 31 (Sun)
Sleep til 12:30pm, meet for dialogue at 2pm. It was Shanghai's Development planning place thing. Kind of like a museum of what they plan on doing since the world's eyes will be on Shanghai next year.

Development place, tony eating a plane
We went to play paintball far far away (Jake, Jack, Bochao). Just us four. It was weird. We had to dress in camouflage.

A beautiful pink building across from paintball

Bochao in his paintballing gear
We had a group dinner/dialogue with Jesse Parker. He's an old white man that's been living in China for a while. He does movies or something like that.
We met up somewhere afterwards, I think it was at Window's Too, then we went to Mika’s apartment to just sit around.

Day 32 (Mon)
Dialogues (some phone thing which was started up by a halfwhite/halfChinese man and became the official phone sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, Unitown design where they will design the place for the world event)
Dong Laoshi got us tickets to go on the skyscrapers! They were really high and fancy. A bit cloudy/rainy so we didn't get to go outside.

We're going up that building.

View from up there. Cloudy/pollutioning.

Us up there.

We split up for the optional visit to LiBing's house. LiBing is an artist. He was super rich. The people that went to his place got a free dinner at a Thai food restaurant in the mall.

My photography! Pretty huh?

LiBing is rich. He has a huge house. With the studio in it. Why is he so rich? I want to be that rich. He had an architect design it just for him, and theres a lot of security there too.

LiBing next to his arts.
I got back and went to Zapatas, a Western club/bar place. Then we went Go-carting!! Drifting!!! So fun. Then home.

Day 33 (Tues)
It was a tiring morning with 3 dialogues. I honestly don't remember what they were. T

This guy was basically just teaching us hints on how to Learn Chinese. That purple scribble thing, is his depiction of the internet and networking.
When when free time came, I went to Barbie world with Casey Bridget and Angela, then messed around at Sephora.

We had our final dialogue with MBA students (long and boring). And there was a problem with the language barrier. But after that we had our most fun and memorable last supper [All you can eat sushi, all you can drink soju] . We were crazy that night, including Teacher, and making cheers and singing. The food was delicious.

We were the first ones there

Gifts to teacher and TAs

Then almost everyone went to Muse 2 and Windows underground. I went home a bit earlier than everyone.

Day 34 / Day 1 on our own (Wed)
Goodbye dialogue

THE END. [finally]

I will not include the after dialogue because it's another 3 weeks. and i am bored of China posting.

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Lisa said...

i see u wearing ur boxer shorts outdoors in china - inappropriate! haha
omg u got to go paintballing outdoors??? and go-kart/drift? i's jealous.
and ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI. sigh. i haven't had sushi in forevs.
your loyal fan here would really like to read abt Hong Kong and Taiwan! Please?