Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The next 4 Days [Lacking events and pictures]

Day 19 (Tues) – Back to School again.
Sleepy Class
John Hopkins center
Last Tai Chi Class
Fashion Lady – bargaining, pissing off people for a shirt.
Long meeting. Good thing we had food during the meeting.

Day 20 (Wed) – Slow rainy day
4 hour class with lady teacher
got our exams back. 79. =(
Lunch to go
Bote Real Estate 2-3:30pm. Leave early (Rainy)
This was my internship. They didn’t need us at all. We were like excess baggage to them, actually. Which I didn’t mind because we got to leave early a lot and got to see a couple apartments that were nice.
Unclogging 3 times
Dinner across the street
Journal time

Some people had to dress up for their internship. This is Tony getting a piggy back ride in his dress up clothes.

Day 21 (Thurs) – Bote Real Estate
4 hour class with man teacher
internship – lake apartments. Pretty cute..
McDonalds dinner

Day 22 (Fri) – TGIF?
Woke up too late. Missed class. Lunch. No internship.
Dinner at BlueSky, which had Western food. We ate pizza.

Our cool napkins.

This is Brent, eating.

Castle Bar (lame) went home.

Look at how bored they look.


Just drinking.

I got a Chocolate something that starts with an 'm'.

There were weird people there.


Julia said...

Are you doing this backwards in time?

Lisa said...

LOL. i want that tshirt!
way to slack off and combine four days into one post.
that restaurant has pretty napkins.