Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday - Day 24.

We woke up early to get a tour of Zhonghua Gate – a 14th century castle. It was just a lot of open space and a couple statues, garden, stairs. But the cool part was the bow and arrows! We got to play with it, well, we had to pay. I almost got bull's-eye, but on the wrong target. I hit the person's target next to me. Whoops.

We ate lunch at KFC then went to the Yunjin Silk museum. It was so cool! I liked it.

We got to watch people actually weaving

There was a gift shop at the end of the tour with all types of silk stuff like pillows, bags, blankets, and clothes. Fashionable clothes. The room also was set up like a fashion show, so the Americans decided to go try out the runway. They turned on the lights and music and everything. There were also other visitors who thought it was a real show so they sat down in the audience to watch, only to find out that it was a funny show.

Nanjing Massacre Museum was next. Over dramatic, I think, but still, it's good.

Dinner at Aqua City Buffet – Delicious. It cost like $15, so compared to the rest of China food, it was expensive. But so good.

The group that was baller enough to buffet // Jake scratching his back with a fork. Ew.

The buffet place is located in the mall, so we did some shopping around. I did not buy anything, but that mall was huge. We did HW at Costa Coffee then went home when it was closed.

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Lisa said...

LOL at you almost getting bullseye.
nanjing massacre museum looks interesting.. mad chinese history.