Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last Week in Nanjing [Rushed]

Day 25 (Mon) –
No internship because we called in and he said it was raining so it would probably be better if we stayed at the hotel.
Rainy day – shopping by myself at Zhong Yang Shan Chang
Dinner across st. random street food.

Day 26th (Tues) –
No internship again
Killed time with Jack Lo (ecoffee – funny funny, we walked into that coffeshop/restaurant and immediately, 10 waiters/waitresses welcomed us in their high pitched voices, bowing, and it was like a ripple effect. Totally unnecessary but funny. I liked it.)
Peter Cai travel agency man was invited to meet with us at night, but he wasn’t very helpful either because when he did send us an itinerary, the prices were doubled what we could get on our own.
Dinner from bird flu alley (rice w/ 2 eggs)

Day 27th (Wed) –
Picture of everyone in the dialogue in the front lobby. Other students from other schools or from Nanjing University watched as we got our picture taken. They took pictures of us too.
Internship. I had to go this day because we had to interview our supervisor and give him gifts and an evaluation paper to evaluate how we were.
I finally went to get my Mochi. And we walked home in the hotness.

The mochi was sooo goood. Heaven, in my mouth.

Don’t remember what happened next. Probably homework eat and sleep. What else is new?

Day 28th (Thurs)
Language partners
Last TaiChi class
Fashion lady with Jacquie, to do more bargain shopping. I didn’t get anything though.
Study at a coffee shop with Brent and Jackie. It was for our final. The coffee shop was nice. And that was the longest I have ever studied for a single exam.

Day 29 (Fri)
Final! Not too bad, I hope. But I can’t tell.
Mystery Nanjing scavenger hunt – failed. My group got to the first location then we gave up and went to the meet up place.

My team on the bus // my team asking for directions, I had to stay far away because strangers would bust out their Chinese to me, even if Eli [orange shirt] asked for directions, his Chinese is better than mine

I went on another boat afterwards at the final destination of the scavenger hunt with Bochao, Jess, Mindy, Austin, Kyle.

People on my boat. I sat in the very front. // Tony's SMUG face, trying to be Yao Ming

We showered, dressed up and then had the Graduation Ceremony/farewell dinner.

The scavenger hunt winners win free massages from the blind doctors. Jacquie was on the winning team but she had to meet up with a family friend so she gave me the massage as a birthday gift. It was quite nice.

We then went out to Nail Jazz Bar as our last night out and introduced to China Hookah bubbles. The owner and manager and one of the waitresses watched us the whole entire time and then talked to us and said we were cool then gave us their business cards telling us to come back and that they would be bringing in hookah bubbles the next day.

My drink: Delirium, sounds cool but it wasn't that good // Other people's drink. Yummier.

Kyle's smoke glass // Us at Nail Bar

Goodbye Nanjing

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Lisa said...

ohh that box of mochi looks delicious.
hahahaa u look chinese.
how do u know the masseuse was actually blind???? harhar
and what are hookah bubbles?