Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 23 (Sat) – An Eventful Day

Bike ride around Nanjing. It was fun.

Waiting for people to wake up and come out

Ugly fat dog

By a lake. Posing!

Dan, our TA


A big anchor

Naughty little boys

Climbing a statue again

A ship!

On the ship

Dialogue: Dafangxiang neighborhood committee

Hunan road – Dating Competition thing onstage where couples compete against each other. We had to jumprope together. Apparently we were cute because Jon and I got invited to round 2 which would be in Shanghai, and we won a fan which we donated. Also a pot. And towel and water bottle and all that random stuff that we didn’t care for.

This is the stage for the dating show we got on.

Hunan road at night

Huo guo – hot pot. This was yum, but not as good as Shabuzen.

Jazz/Nail bar. This place is so cool. They play Jazz music and have a big selection of beer. I had chocolate beer. It was so smooth and creamy and yum yum. I usually don’t like beer but that was good.

They have live music once in a while. But not that night.

My beer.

Brent has such good fashion...

Part of the group at the Nail Jazz Bar

We tried to go to 1912, which is the club/bar area but we failed because we couldn’t decide where to stay at. So we ended up at Castle Bar again. Ehh.

Jake in the 1912 area.

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Lisa said...

ohh so many pics.
haha dating game. sounds fun tho.