Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 18 (Mon) – I Miss An Hui

Day 18 (Mon) – I Miss An Hui
We went to visit the village’s Elementary School. We brought level 1 English books because we were supposed to teach them. But we ended up having a party in our classroom.

The kids sitting nicely and obediently in class. What good students.

Us foreigners paired up with kids and teaching them...

Stickers started getting passed around....


Then we cleaned up outside that area and went back for lunch. They presented little presents and a banner to us. Then we left An Hui after visiting a tourist attraction place with souvenir shops.

Banner present.

Entering the souvenir tourist place

During the bus ride I had a lot of the shrimp crackers and got car sick. Ugh. When we finally got back to Nanjing, we went crazy with dinner because during AnHui, we barely had meat. So that’s what we ate. A lot of meat. Then I did homework because I had class the next day.

Here's a pink motorcycle scooter thing.

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Lisa said...

ohh so many pics! the girls in orange and pink are cute and pretty.