Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 17 (Sun) – Near Fainting

Climbed another mountain. I forgot what it was called. But that day wasn’t too good for me because I was feeling weak and dizzy and ready to pass out. I had to keep fighting though. It was really hot too. I was so scared that while climbing that mountain, I would faint and fall off and die, because some places were just straight drops, and we were pretty high up too. Anyway, I reached the top and it was worth it.

After we took the cable car halfway up the mountain.

Small temple

People believed that if you get sick, you will heal by putting a stick in there to hold up the mountain so that the mountain gods can fix your health in return for keeping him up. Something like that. Cute though.

Here's a picture of a snail that I am proud of because it looks nice.

A nasty man-made pond pool thing outside a temple on that mountain. Look at those green bubble suds. Ewwwwww!

Me, Jmanners, Jon, and Kyle. Bad picture.

Scary stairs. They just kept going.

I inverted JManner's backpack. Hahahahahha!

We just took stairs down the rest of the mountain. My knees hurt a lot by the end of that.

Took a boat to get to the other side where we could finally get back to our living place in An Hui. Cheap boats.

On the way home we stopped by a tea factory. We were all tired and feeling yuck yuck. I think I had to poop.

The tea factory office was pimp. Here's a statue of the 7-headed dragon. Cool.

Firecrackers at night. And some soccer.

Then instead of playing drinking games again, I went into a stranger’s house and played Mahjong. It’s fun! And the table was cool. No pictures of it though.

Here's the start of drinking games before I left to Mahjong.

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Lisa said...

the boat looks very unsafe haha like someone could easily fall off the chair and into the water.
i have a MJ (mahjong) set if u wants to play.