Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 16 (Sat) – Birthday

I woke up at 7am realizing that people had left to walk around and explore An Hui. I missed it. I got up and brushed my teeth, then saw the kids. I started trying to talk to them and ended up walking with them to see their school. I didn’t see their school though because we bumped into the early morning people. Me and my crew of little Chinese girls just played around a bit more. They called me their best friend and said happy birthday to me a lot.

My Chinese girls crew

We ate breakfast, which was tasteless congee, then split up and did some field work. It was hot. (I know, I say this a lot, but it really was hot) I almost got a blister from plowing the fields. It was some hard labor. I actually think we messed up his land because he just kind of stood there and watched and laughed a bit.

Breakfast. The white buns were good..

This is our master

My fellow laborers

Another slave laborer

We walked to the other groups who were breaking rocks. That is sooooooo badass. Then we went back to our man who fed us yummy food. Delicious. Probably the best food we have I Anhui. We were first to be back to our Anhui place and I knocked out.

Breaking rocks. They put nails in a line, then they hammer the nails which crack the stones. Cool huh?

Success by Tony!

Lunchtime. Jake was sleepy.

I woke up to the kids giving me flowers and singing happy birthday to me. Sweet. I took the flowers and just put it in a basket in my room. We played around a bit more and waited for Dong to come back for the dialogue.

Jumping kiddies

Bochao and little girl playing.

During the dialogue, the kids got annoying and misbehaved. It was another boring dull dialogue. Except the men that were talking just kept ripping butts! They smoked so much and it went into Dong's face. It was slightly entertaining.

We made zhongzi. This is mine:

And then they brought out this huge ugly candle for me to blow out. Followed by a big bowl of longevity noodles with two eggs on top. I got the 2 eggs and everyone else cluttered around trying to get some noodles because there was only one bowl. My belly was happy that night. But it wasn't done yet.

Drinking games at night: Kings, Never Had I Ever, F- the dealer

And this is Tony almost in a birthday suit for my birthday. Thank you, Bo Chao.

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Lisa said...

hehe that's mantao - the white buns. u can buy them at supermarkets and steam them yourself. :)
you took so many pics.. obvi you were slackin.
happy birthday!