Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 15 (Fri) – Midterm

Midterm! I thought I did alright. I was wrong though. I actually got a 79 or something like that. I beat Jonathan by 9 points. That sucks because he can’t even read.

We got to Anhui that night. Not much to say about it except it was a long ride. Didn’t sleep much. I had rice and tomato with eggs on the café cabin part of the train..

The place we stayed at in Anhui was nice. Well, it wasn’t but the bathroom had heated toilets, and the showers were alright. My room was nice. I really liked it because of its woody, sauna-like smell. It was a bit far from the rest of the place and isolated from everyone else so, I admit it, I was scared. Plus I was trying to creep people out by saying scary comments like, "look at this door, someone can just crawl through it bleeding, with a knife blah blah". I was paranoid. I had to turn on the Matrix on my ipod to watch it to get my mind off the creepiness and my wild imagination that was frightening me. Then I fell asleep, really tired.

Pictures! Only a few though.

My room

Thomas in front of the common room [which was just a table]

Bochao, asleep in his kingly bed

Casey's room was huge

Jon had a crappy small room at the top of those stairs. Sucks for him.

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Lisa said...

oohh the beds look pretty nice - was that a hotel?