Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 9 (Sat) – Hosted

This is on the busride. It is Jackie with our 2 TAs listening to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Because Alex the TA in the middle had been in China for 1.5 years alone, he is not very updated with current musics.

We woke up to go to Purple Mountain and stuff. This is where the tomb of someone was. I honestly don’t remember, and thus, don’t really care who it was… That sounds bad, but I just can’t pay attention to stuff that don’t genuinely interest me. Well, anyway, it was a really hot day and we had to climb stairs to the top so we were all hot and sweaty and tired.

Tired and hot from climbing all those steps.

Cameras weren’t allowed but I took pictures anyway, cause I’m such a badass.

Outside the tomb

The tomb

Then we ate our bagged lunch at this nice place there, which had a lot of white doves flying around. Of course I lost my lunch so I only ate some pieces of bread and chips. Good thing I wasn’t that hungry. The dove place was interesting. I’m pretty sure we made it fun for everyone, including the people surrounding us because I though up this wonderful idea to put bread on top of Jake and let the birds come onto him to eat. He also had this mini toy bow and arrow that when you shoot it up, it makes all the birds fly away. So that was how we got the birds off of him.

Us following a little boy who was sheparding the doves.

Jake. With doveys on him. They specialized in his crotch area.

Jon on a turtle.

After we got back, we had to shower quickly and then we were sent off to our host families. I was pretty nervous about meeting strangers, especially adults, and having to live with them. I’m awkward, AND can’t speak Chinese well. I was also pretty tired, so I think I bored them. Good thing I was with Jake most of the time because his host sister was really, really close to my host sister. I only didn’t see him during bedtime. It would have been super awkward to the extreme maximum if he wasn’t there.

For dinner, we had lobster stuff and really good food. Actually, we were fed really good food all the time. They went all out for us. But Jake’s host family had a step mother, she is wild. She literally took the lobster, did all the necessary stuff before eating, then stuffed it in my mouth. Then they all drank and gave me and Jake some drinkage also. Interesting.

The dinner.

Then we were taken to Fashion Lady, which is this huge undergroud/not underground area filled with a lot of shops selling clothes and shoes and accessories. We bargain with them. There were a lot of cheap stuff and knock-offs, but it’s fun if you can find something you like and win the bargain. I didn’t get anything that night, but now I knew where it was.

Entering Fashion Lady. It is very crowded in there.

We got back and slept. I think they thought I was weird because I didn’t shower before sleeping. I thought it would be weird to shower at their place so I had already showered before coming. They also, I guess, expected me to want to stay up longer but I was wiped out. I shared a bed with the girl.

This is part of her bedroom. So cute.


Miss W. Yvonne said...

haha you ARE such a badass! did your friend get shat on by a dove? oh and did you know that michael jackson died yesterday from a heart attack?

Lisa said...

haha random pigeon stands out. mini lobster things for dinner? looks very reddish. hope it wasn't spicy.
the girl has a real nice desk.