Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 8 (Fri) – TGIF

I was a bit late for class. I woke up at 7:50am, got ready and then ran to class. Jonathan was with me. We were new students to that teacher so she let us skip the dictation, which I actually studied hard for. She’s a really good teacher in my opinion. Her speaking is clear and she knows what she’s doing. The other guy, he’s nice. So I like him too.

After class we had lunch blah blah and then went to JiangSu province, the development zone. The buildings there are nice. It was like Google, Chinese style! They have cooks come in and make lunch everyday and they have chilling rooms for pool and foozeball and all that fun stuff. So baller.

They welcome us.

Awesome mini Nanjing.

This is an advertisement on our bus with Yao Ming's face on it. Tony BoChao loves the super smugness on Yao's face. He tries to do it after that. Forever.

And then we went to "Christine"'s factory where they make bakery stuff.

Looked like oompa loompas.

And then we went to this company that makes baby furniture stuff.

Soooo cute and colorful.

And this is Tony BoChao asleep on the bus and Jack Lo Jmanners giving him a "5 Across the Eyes)

We went to the Wahaha company's production factory thing too. It's a pretty famous/popular water company that makes not just water.

The mascot kid of Wahaha.

Wahaha makes Milk

And they make beer-tasting tea. This is an officer handing out the beer-tea. [non-alcoholic]

We went to some other supply chain huge storage warehouse whatever thing. Then back to that development huge building for a dialogue in a conference room.

Here is little bridget in love with her Tony BoChao.

The night before, since we went out, 2 people over alcoholed so they got sick and dirtied the bedsheets in the hotel room. Dong Laoshi knew and so they got to the conference room first. The bus had to stop for Brent to throw up. Yum. No picture though.

But here's them at the conference room earlier than the rest of us.

At night we went KTV. The workers there were extra unneccesary. They bowed and welcomed and thanked and hi-ed and all that every time they saw you. And there were pairs/groups/lines of them just standing there to do just that. But KTV was fun. I like it better at home with the Asian Greek life people.

Alex the TA working the machines. He was the only one that could work them cause they were in Chinese.

Group singing.



Miss W. Yvonne said...

who's Jonathan?! lol!

Lisa said...

lol the bakery factory workers had their face all covered up, but no gloves on... hmm..
Wahaha is a cool name.
hehe how did u get a pic of the early ppl?