Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 7 (Thurs) – First day of school, again.

I woke up at 5:50am to run by myself. I got to the track and was out of breath. My endurance sucks!!! It’s down to almost nothing. The track is only 3 blocks away. I got back, ordered breakfast on my own, then showered and got ready for class. I got breakfast again and a bottle of water and was off to 301 class.

I was so prepared for it but the teacher seemed very noob so our whole 4 hours was spent off track. It was quite entertaining, actually. We talked about Gay and HIV. Then eyes, contact solution, Australia, Hungary, Wentworth Miller, ourselves, our hobbies. I was also tired but I understood a lot of what was going on. I think I’ll like this class.

Jonathan, can’t read or write. So I’ll have to help him, but I think my helping is annoying because he probably thinks I’m a know-it-all so I’ll stop. We went to the bank to exchange our money and missed lunch. Came back to our language partners and I just wrote my vocab again and again.

Then we went to Map Magazine and had a dialogue. It was interesting. Map Magazine is the only bilingual magazine. It focuses on arts, culture, local people and events, history, night life, style, all that good stuff. Alex, our handsome TA works there.

Then we went to the Kodak store and took pictures for our student ID so that we’d get discounts to places. 20kuai. Expensive. I was hungry and kind of out of it. We went home and sort of kind of did homework.

Then went to eat. Followed by more attempts at studying.

Then we pre-gamed to go out for college night-life. We hit the clubs. And then came home with a couple people badly drunk. I had to take care of my room mate and clean after her but I don’t mind. I guess I’m used to it. I stayed up a bit to study some and then went to bed at 4ish.

This is how me and Jackie keep hydrated.

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Lisa said...

the handsome TA works in China? so he speaks Chinese very well??