Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 6 - First Day of School!

Woke up, got ready, ate some delicious breakfast, then went to class. I was lost. So so lost. Then I had to poop. But there was no toilet paper. Oh yes, by the way, toilets in most places here, are squatters. Yucky!!!!!!! And you have to bring your own toilet paper. Good thing my hotel has a real toilet. Ugh.

So yes, I was lost throughout the whole 4 hours of class. Afterwards I went to lunch, across the street with Jake and Susie (delicious fried rice, with some other flavorful meat), then was put with language partners, where I discovered that 301 isn’t that bad so I’d be joining that class. I went upstairs afterwards to exchange books. But it was a waste of time because the man that is in charge of books was not there, so we were free to go back to our room.

We had a small break, and I realized that my phone was missing. I went to look for the phone in the lecture hall but it wasn’t there. We had boring/tiring TaiChi, then I went to the book room but my phone wasn’t there, then we had a calligraphy session. We just watched her paint basically, but it was interesting. Then we were free.

TaiChi Teacher

Dong Lao Shi got my phone back. The man that I asked about my phone had it the whole time. Grr. We ate dinner at a place and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a mediocre dinner. But I laughed because Jonathan laughed at a white man on the bike, then Tony bumped into a motorcycle and set off the alarm.

This is Tony again at dinner. His Chinese name is "Bo Chao". See? He's funny.

We got back and straight up studied. I talked to the man across the street for one of the dialogue’s assignment. The man is poor, and it was sad because he had to leave home due to lack of money. For the rest of the night we just studied.

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Lisa said...

i call them the hole in the ground toilets. hate them too.
i see kitty.
you talked to a stranger on the street?