Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 5 - Hello Nanjing

In the morning I woke up around 6am and just laid there. Eventually, more people got up and brushed their teeth ladida. Dong 老师 too. Then we talked and she asked people to sit with us so we can make conversation with them. Luckily I was still on the top bunk so I didn’t necessarily have to talk.

We arrived in Nanjing and went to the Nanda, the Nanjing University. We got into the hotel and settled in a bit and showered. Then we walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I had to go back at 3pm to take the placement exam. I failed it because I did not know any complete sentence in it. I didn’t even know where to put my name. For the oral part of the exam, we were told that it was unnecessary and I was placed in the lowest level class. I guess I expected it.

View from my room

We met the dean and had to introduce ourselves. Of course I messed up by laughing and looking like a retard because I suck at public speaking. After that we got our books. I had a special book because I took a placement exam. When we got back downstairs to join everyone else, we met the group of language partners and had a tour of Nanda. Boring.

That is Tony Tang sitting in the Dean's seat. He is a funny dude. You will see more of him later. The other guy with the beanie, is Jake. He is also funny. The trip would not be as fun if it weren't for them awesome guys.

We got back and were free to go eat dinner, as long as we met up again at 8pm. We walked to some street and had a fine dinner. I got to get up and look at what other people were eating so I could point at what I wanted since nobody really know how to read the menus. Me likey.

Came home, had a meeting where I got my SIM card. The meeting was basically like a discussion of Beijing followed by the agenda for the next couple days. Then we went to bed. Not too exciting of a day.

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lol at your way of ordering food at the restaurant