Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 4 - Goodbye Beijing

We finally did not have to wake up at abnormal hours. 8:30am was check-out. We had a complementary breakfast at the hotel, delicious, and then went to another dialogue, with our luggage in the bus. The dialogue was at the Beijing Arbitration Commission. I really do not know what it was about because it was not interesting to me and I was just fighting to stay awake the entire time. We had to be somewhat dressed up. I had on a tube top dress, then Simon’s black and white hoodie-jacket, which killed it.

The dialogue with most ppl dressed up. Fancy businessy place.

Then we ate at some nasty dumpling place for lunch, I wish we could have chosen our own food to eat. Afterwards, we went to the Bird’s Nest!!! Bomb. Dig.

Kyle Jack and Jacquie outside the bird's nest. I took the photo.

Inside the Olympic Stadium

It felt amazing and I was excited.

Me doing a backhandspring. Yes, I know, show-off. But I couldn't help myself.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside the water cube because of some problems and timing, but we were outside it and it was still awesome.

Outside the water cube.

There were also some red flowers that if you pick off a 'petal' you can suck on the bottom and some sweet juicy goodness came out. Delicious. Dong Laoshi did not approve and told us not to do it.

Red flowers

We went to another dialogue about preserving Hutongs later on.

That's Dong Laoshi.

We ate at Beijing McDonalds. I had chicken nuggets so it was pretty similar to the states.

In line for McDonald's

Part of the group at McDonald's. It's such a nice .. restaurant?

Then we got to the train station and waited. The place was full of pushy annoying impatient smelly Chinese people. Not fun. I went with a couple others to buy some Tsingtao 40s for 3 kuai. It was cold too. But I didn’t drink it, and still haven’t. It’s sitting in my fridge right now. The night train was interesting. 3 bunks, 2 beds per section. In my section I was on top and across from me was Jackie. Underneath me were Jack and then Thomas. Under Jackie were Susie and Kyle. They played cards and drank. I fell asleep. The top bunk was slightly uncomfortable because there was barely any room. I couldn’t sit up straight. But the air was coming from the ceiling so that’s a benefit. There’s also some privacy up there. I like privacy.

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of this train. So so sollie.


Lisa said...

lol did u get up to take that first pic while the presentation was going on?
i wish i could see all those awesome olympic buildings.
what are hutongs??
and their mcd's is way nicer than ours...

Miss W. Yvonne said...

Hello little! Yay, you have blogspot! (Are you no longer a xangan?) Should I be glad that I forced you to do a dialogue trip? Worth it or blah? I hope it was educational! And that TA is hot..!

Miss you! Be safe, I'm waiting to see you when you get back!