Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 14 (Thurs) – Study?

Class. Lunch. Language partner.

Dialogue at the Amity Foundation place. For the tour of the area I had to fight hard to suppress my laughter because people were making me laugh and I was having the giggles. Then for the sitting down part of the dialogue, I had to fight even harder to stay awake. I loss both battles.

We got outside and there was Jake being a construction worker! He is so weird.

Calligraphy class! It was supposed to be optional but it was scheduled and people were pissed because we had to study for our midterm, but I liked it. Tony is an artist.

This is Tony's "Wu sou! Yanjing!" Literally translated: "5 hands! eyes!" but his translation is "Five across the eyes" as in being slapped across the face

Tony's butterflowers

I don't know what this is, but it's pretty brilliant

Justin doing his painting

At night we went to Himalaya Nepalese, a hookah bar that served Indian food. I had nonne. So good!!!! The people were nice too. That place was cool. Me likey. We kind of studied there too.

Outside of the place

Inside, hookah-ing, and eating nonne with curry. It was delicious.

The area that the restaurant was in. Looks cool

Walking out of the area

Then got home, studied a teensy bit more and slept.

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Lisa said...

haha tony is the one i call kitty? his chinese no good. haha he got someone to write "eyes" for him.
wat's nonne? is that indian pancake? cuz indian pancake is so good!