Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 12 (Tues) – No English

All Chinese day! It was a quiet day. We had a dictation in class. Jon was a baby about it because he did badly and was ‘stressed’. Lunch and homework blah blah.
We ate dinner at Nanjing McDonalds then blew balloons to stuff under Kali’s blankets. Then we gathered outside the elevator at our meeting spot for Kali’s bday. She was pretty happy-looking.

The group preparing for Kali

Kali looking happy

Then we had candles and all went to the earthquake memorial thing. However, I didn’t really get to participate much because Jonathan was walking and kicked some wall by accident and his toenail broke in half. Pictures!

Before the memorial


Jon's toe

I gave him a wet one. Probably not supposed to be used for open wounds, but it was all we had.

Jon in the clinic.

All they did was clean it then wrap it

We had to go to the hospital. JManners and I accompanied him, Dong Laoshi, and Alex the TA. We actually went to Nanjing University clinic first, and then took a cab to the hospital without Alex. IT was a fun fieldtrip.

They also gave him a shot in the butt. This is him nervous before that shot

They gave him a shot in the arm too

Got home, ppl were celebrating Kali’s bday. I just did homework and slept or whatever.


Miss W. Yvonne said...

Ew.. the heck happened to the poor boy's toe?!

Lisa said...

i didn't enlarge those bloody toe pics. yuck. he must be an angry person.
shot in the butt. hahhahhaa that funny.