Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 10 (Sun) – Off Day

Woke up and my host sister was doing homework already. I was still tired. We just sat around and made some small talk waiting. Jake came over for breakfast – it was delicious! Pizza and fruit/egg sushi, with some black rice. Yes. Black rice. Yummy in tummy.

Dried plums. So yum.


On the way to the gym for badminton, we stopped at a playground. This is Jake on a swing.

We went to the gym to play badminton. Me and Jake kind of just fought to stay awake because it was so hot and we were tired. There was like a little kid team practicing there too. So cute and hardcore.

Kids working on their form

Lunch, at Jake’s host familiy’s place, was also really good.

It's a dragon!

I think I like eggs more because of China. Shrimp too.

We finally got home. Turns out we were the last ones back. We rested a bit and listened to everyone’s stories of their experience. They were also all tired and felt that it was awkward and weird and pretty much pointless.

Lazy people that I found on my bed

I did Laundry! Unfortunately the driers are too expensive so we had to decorate our room with wet clothing. It sure made it look quite lovely though.

Homework. The end.


Miss W. Yvonne said...

Exactly how my room in Turkey looked! Except.. your room seems 3x bigger!

Lisa said...

i read this but i didn't have time to comment. i had dragon congee and dragon noodles. hehe
i like dried plum! they're so good.
u updated a lot. omg. must catch up.
i hear chinese pizza tastes better than american pizza? your thoughts???