Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 14 (Thurs) – Study?

Class. Lunch. Language partner.

Dialogue at the Amity Foundation place. For the tour of the area I had to fight hard to suppress my laughter because people were making me laugh and I was having the giggles. Then for the sitting down part of the dialogue, I had to fight even harder to stay awake. I loss both battles.

We got outside and there was Jake being a construction worker! He is so weird.

Calligraphy class! It was supposed to be optional but it was scheduled and people were pissed because we had to study for our midterm, but I liked it. Tony is an artist.

This is Tony's "Wu sou! Yanjing!" Literally translated: "5 hands! eyes!" but his translation is "Five across the eyes" as in being slapped across the face

Tony's butterflowers

I don't know what this is, but it's pretty brilliant

Justin doing his painting

At night we went to Himalaya Nepalese, a hookah bar that served Indian food. I had nonne. So good!!!! The people were nice too. That place was cool. Me likey. We kind of studied there too.

Outside of the place

Inside, hookah-ing, and eating nonne with curry. It was delicious.

The area that the restaurant was in. Looks cool

Walking out of the area

Then got home, studied a teensy bit more and slept.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 13 (Wed) – ?

After class, we went to the Grand Canadian Academy for a dialogue with the students there. It’s some rich school. The kids could speak English. They were pretty snobby, some of them. We had Subway there though. Good subs.

Us NEU Dialoguers

Us with the students

Dong brought me, Susanna and Jason to Bote Real Estate afterwards, to meet with Mary Ma, the CEO lady to see if we were good fits for that company’s internship. I guess me and Susie were because we got the ‘internship’ later on.

We just walked into H&M to look around, then went downstairs in the foodcourt where we saw nice food places.. went home after, did homework and all that junk. End of the day.

H&M is huge in China

Day 12 (Tues) – No English

All Chinese day! It was a quiet day. We had a dictation in class. Jon was a baby about it because he did badly and was ‘stressed’. Lunch and homework blah blah.
We ate dinner at Nanjing McDonalds then blew balloons to stuff under Kali’s blankets. Then we gathered outside the elevator at our meeting spot for Kali’s bday. She was pretty happy-looking.

The group preparing for Kali

Kali looking happy

Then we had candles and all went to the earthquake memorial thing. However, I didn’t really get to participate much because Jonathan was walking and kicked some wall by accident and his toenail broke in half. Pictures!

Before the memorial


Jon's toe

I gave him a wet one. Probably not supposed to be used for open wounds, but it was all we had.

Jon in the clinic.

All they did was clean it then wrap it

We had to go to the hospital. JManners and I accompanied him, Dong Laoshi, and Alex the TA. We actually went to Nanjing University clinic first, and then took a cab to the hospital without Alex. IT was a fun fieldtrip.

They also gave him a shot in the butt. This is him nervous before that shot

They gave him a shot in the arm too

Got home, ppl were celebrating Kali’s bday. I just did homework and slept or whatever.

Day 11 (Mon) – Back to School =(

Then class was same as always. The first teacher drilled us, the 2nd teacher randomly talked and got us conversing in Chinese.

We had lunch, then language partners and then went to the migrant school. I did not get many pictures. The place was dirty and hot and sandy and dusty. But the kids were cute. We just kind of played with them. Oh, there was a dialogue before we played with them, but I don’t remember what it was about because 1. We were standing 2. In the sun.

We got back, ate dinner did homework showered and all that fun stuff. Then we had our first group meeting. This meeting was to recap our experience in Beijing and Nanjing and host families. Then we made a pledge day where we speak only Chinese. Yuck.

[No pics]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 10 (Sun) – Off Day

Woke up and my host sister was doing homework already. I was still tired. We just sat around and made some small talk waiting. Jake came over for breakfast – it was delicious! Pizza and fruit/egg sushi, with some black rice. Yes. Black rice. Yummy in tummy.

Dried plums. So yum.


On the way to the gym for badminton, we stopped at a playground. This is Jake on a swing.

We went to the gym to play badminton. Me and Jake kind of just fought to stay awake because it was so hot and we were tired. There was like a little kid team practicing there too. So cute and hardcore.

Kids working on their form

Lunch, at Jake’s host familiy’s place, was also really good.

It's a dragon!

I think I like eggs more because of China. Shrimp too.

We finally got home. Turns out we were the last ones back. We rested a bit and listened to everyone’s stories of their experience. They were also all tired and felt that it was awkward and weird and pretty much pointless.

Lazy people that I found on my bed

I did Laundry! Unfortunately the driers are too expensive so we had to decorate our room with wet clothing. It sure made it look quite lovely though.

Homework. The end.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 9 (Sat) – Hosted

This is on the busride. It is Jackie with our 2 TAs listening to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Because Alex the TA in the middle had been in China for 1.5 years alone, he is not very updated with current musics.

We woke up to go to Purple Mountain and stuff. This is where the tomb of someone was. I honestly don’t remember, and thus, don’t really care who it was… That sounds bad, but I just can’t pay attention to stuff that don’t genuinely interest me. Well, anyway, it was a really hot day and we had to climb stairs to the top so we were all hot and sweaty and tired.

Tired and hot from climbing all those steps.

Cameras weren’t allowed but I took pictures anyway, cause I’m such a badass.

Outside the tomb

The tomb

Then we ate our bagged lunch at this nice place there, which had a lot of white doves flying around. Of course I lost my lunch so I only ate some pieces of bread and chips. Good thing I wasn’t that hungry. The dove place was interesting. I’m pretty sure we made it fun for everyone, including the people surrounding us because I though up this wonderful idea to put bread on top of Jake and let the birds come onto him to eat. He also had this mini toy bow and arrow that when you shoot it up, it makes all the birds fly away. So that was how we got the birds off of him.

Us following a little boy who was sheparding the doves.

Jake. With doveys on him. They specialized in his crotch area.

Jon on a turtle.

After we got back, we had to shower quickly and then we were sent off to our host families. I was pretty nervous about meeting strangers, especially adults, and having to live with them. I’m awkward, AND can’t speak Chinese well. I was also pretty tired, so I think I bored them. Good thing I was with Jake most of the time because his host sister was really, really close to my host sister. I only didn’t see him during bedtime. It would have been super awkward to the extreme maximum if he wasn’t there.

For dinner, we had lobster stuff and really good food. Actually, we were fed really good food all the time. They went all out for us. But Jake’s host family had a step mother, she is wild. She literally took the lobster, did all the necessary stuff before eating, then stuffed it in my mouth. Then they all drank and gave me and Jake some drinkage also. Interesting.

The dinner.

Then we were taken to Fashion Lady, which is this huge undergroud/not underground area filled with a lot of shops selling clothes and shoes and accessories. We bargain with them. There were a lot of cheap stuff and knock-offs, but it’s fun if you can find something you like and win the bargain. I didn’t get anything that night, but now I knew where it was.

Entering Fashion Lady. It is very crowded in there.

We got back and slept. I think they thought I was weird because I didn’t shower before sleeping. I thought it would be weird to shower at their place so I had already showered before coming. They also, I guess, expected me to want to stay up longer but I was wiped out. I shared a bed with the girl.

This is part of her bedroom. So cute.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 8 (Fri) – TGIF

I was a bit late for class. I woke up at 7:50am, got ready and then ran to class. Jonathan was with me. We were new students to that teacher so she let us skip the dictation, which I actually studied hard for. She’s a really good teacher in my opinion. Her speaking is clear and she knows what she’s doing. The other guy, he’s nice. So I like him too.

After class we had lunch blah blah and then went to JiangSu province, the development zone. The buildings there are nice. It was like Google, Chinese style! They have cooks come in and make lunch everyday and they have chilling rooms for pool and foozeball and all that fun stuff. So baller.

They welcome us.

Awesome mini Nanjing.

This is an advertisement on our bus with Yao Ming's face on it. Tony BoChao loves the super smugness on Yao's face. He tries to do it after that. Forever.

And then we went to "Christine"'s factory where they make bakery stuff.

Looked like oompa loompas.

And then we went to this company that makes baby furniture stuff.

Soooo cute and colorful.

And this is Tony BoChao asleep on the bus and Jack Lo Jmanners giving him a "5 Across the Eyes)

We went to the Wahaha company's production factory thing too. It's a pretty famous/popular water company that makes not just water.

The mascot kid of Wahaha.

Wahaha makes Milk

And they make beer-tasting tea. This is an officer handing out the beer-tea. [non-alcoholic]

We went to some other supply chain huge storage warehouse whatever thing. Then back to that development huge building for a dialogue in a conference room.

Here is little bridget in love with her Tony BoChao.

The night before, since we went out, 2 people over alcoholed so they got sick and dirtied the bedsheets in the hotel room. Dong Laoshi knew and so they got to the conference room first. The bus had to stop for Brent to throw up. Yum. No picture though.

But here's them at the conference room earlier than the rest of us.

At night we went KTV. The workers there were extra unneccesary. They bowed and welcomed and thanked and hi-ed and all that every time they saw you. And there were pairs/groups/lines of them just standing there to do just that. But KTV was fun. I like it better at home with the Asian Greek life people.

Alex the TA working the machines. He was the only one that could work them cause they were in Chinese.

Group singing.