Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 3 - Keep Climbing

Great Wall of China day! We got up early in the morning, I believe it was 5 or 6am? Then we hopped onto the bus and most people fell asleep for the 2/3 hour long ride, I couldn’t even though I tried really hard to. When we got there, a couple minutes into the walk, I felt tired and hot already but I kept walking for a long time.

Mini Wall before we started our hiking

Next thing I know, there is a huge steep flight of stairs that was uneven and very poorly done. I got dizzy looking up at it, and when I looked down behind me, I was scared as hell. So I just looked down at each step as I climbed it, one by one, reminding myself to breath now and then. This was what the rest of the climb was like. One step at a time, terrified. We made it up there after 1¾ hour and it felt awesome.

Steep scary stairs

Me. Midway there.

The group at the top. Minus a couple people that came late


After we rested and took pictures, we went back down the same way we came. Going back was much easier, but by then, I could feel my feet hurting. The slopes going down was scary too because it was hard to find good footing and my legs could easily give way since they were so tired.

Jon me and Jmanners bravely climbed the edge... scared as hell though

We went back on the bus and visited a village nearby to have lunch and a dialogue with the vice-mayor. She was a very cute and nice woman with a good head on her shoulders. She seems very understanding and patient, respectable. She spoke about the history of her village, what she does for it, and mainly about birth control as well as what the government is doing for the village and her role. It was very educational. Then she had her blind friend, who was getting help from the government, play some folk songs for us. He had a nice powerful voice. We left and after that, we were free.

Musician and us watching

Our blue-eyed handsome TA

We showered and split up. Some people stayed behind to have a talk during dinner with Jake’s father about international business and investment banking. The other group that I went with, ate dinner near the hotel then went to HouHai where we all bought 40s of Tsingtao and just drank on the street outside. Relaxing.

Houhai river

Drinking outside

Then we went to a hookah bar to chill.


And finally went home. I, again, was wicked tired and slept like a baby.

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Lisa said...

did i tell u i never made it up the great wall? cuz i had to go up myself.. and i decided to turn around to see how far i had gone - bad idea. i freaked out when i realized i was so high up, then turned around and wobbled my way bak down. sad. but congratss! i hope u got one of those plaque thingers!
pretty blue eyes.