Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 1 - Welcome to China

I finished my finals for Northeastern University and spent the last few days in Boston celebrating the end of the year and the end of a couple of my senior friends’ college career. On April 29th, the day before I was leaving for China, I started packing. I was excited to go, because I rarely travel, especially out of the country, but it did not feel like I was actually leaving Boston. I slept and woke up later than planned. I finished packing and my parents drove me to the airport, after dropping off my youngest sister to BLA for high school. I said my goodbyes to my parents at the airport, and went in search of other dialogue members. We signed in, got our tickets, checked out luggage, went through security, waited for the plane, got on the plane, fell asleep immediately, got off the train in Chicago after 2 or 3 hours, waited for the next plane, got on, somehow managed to survive the 13 hour flight and then I was in China, nothing too special though. They fed us Chinese noodles, it was called Chinese noodle.

The airport was clean, and there was a train that took us to the baggage claim. We claimed out baggage. Then went to wait for the bus that was taking us to our hotel.

Here is Jack Lo, aka J.Manners, in front of the airport

We got on and rode to the hotel, taking pictures of China as we passed by. Seemed very American-like. They have a vry popular brand name of clothing called Kappa!


The hotel was nice.

Kyle in the hotel phone booth

Jacquie was and still is my roommate. She’s a cool Beijing girl. We dropped our stuff in the hotel room and then went to a nearby local restaurant to eat dumplings and other food. Not really that good. I was hungry though, so I ate.


I was extremely exhausted but the night wasn’t over yet. We walked around the streets at the night market. It was pretty interesting, but I was too tired to truly enjoy it.

Night Market guy. They had a lot of stuff on sticks.

We finally walked back to the hotel. I showered and knocked out around 10pm.

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Lisa said...

lol "got on the plane... got off then train"
the phone booth looks like an upside down urinal.. sorta haha
and the food looks kinda gross - the big bowl in the middle looks like bugs!